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Phoenix Nutraceutical is harnessing hemp’s potential to change lives.

Founded by a former college athlete, Phoenix Nutraceutical, Inc. taps into the power of the entire plant, harnessing its massive potential and turning that into innovations and opportunities set to transform our communities.

Grounded in personal stories of recovery with Cannabidiol (CBD), Phoenix Nutraceutical is anchored in a family of personal care products infused with hemp extract and other natural ingredients that help our customers recover and emerge from relaxation feeling renewed and empowered to tackle life head-on.

We don’t just stop there: Phoenix Nutraceutical is building several divisions under its corporate umbrella, each dedicated to exploring, refining, and introducing the most promising uses for the entire hemp plant to industries in our home state of New York, across the U.S., and around the globe.

Phoenix Nutraceutical brands


Hemp has serious bragging rights. This humble plant has the potential to transform thousands of everyday items, creating stronger, longer-lasting, and more eco-friendly products that will transform how we live. From hundreds of years in textiles to recent developments in alternative plastics, hemp can truly do it all — and at Phoenix Nutraceutical, we’re here to do our part to make a greener, healthier world a reality. Explore our plans to introduce this game-changing plant to industries around the U.S.:

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At Phoenix Nutraceutical, we only extract our CBD from hemp grown in the U.S. using organic and sustainable farming practices. Grown without pesticides, our clean and pure hemp extract is paired with other ingredients to help maximize their relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Currently, Phoenix Nutraceutical offers two lines of CBD product: fast-acting Blitz designed to support natural athletic recovery, and Aminatu skincare for when you need to slow down.


Phoenix Nutraceutical Inc. plans to research the utilization of hemp as a biofuel. Made from hemp seed oil, hemp biodiesel can be used safely in any conventional diesel engine. Recent, promising research shows that hemp seed oil has a 97% conversion rate into biodiesel, passing all lab tests. Imagine a fleet of transport trucks powered by a fuel made from a plant that’s not only less harmful than biofuels, but leaves the soil in better condition than it was found!

The rest of the industrial hemp plant can be used to product ethanol or methanol. Sometimes called “hempoline” or “hempanol,” this fuel is made through a process called cellulolysis, which ferments and distills the hemp to extract ethanol. Methanol is sourced from hemp’s wood-like pulp matter sourced from its stalks, created using a dry distillation process.


Construction consumes 40% of the world’s global energy and resources. Hemp is a promising alternative to materials and processes that mine what cannot be replenished. Innovations like hempcrete offer strength and durability at a fraction of the impact on the environment. At Phoenix Nutraceutical, we’re helping the construction industry make the switch to this renewable resource.


As more people tap into the power of CBD, we at Phoenix Nutraceutical want to ensure each product they pick up is the right fit. To that end, we are in the midst of building an AI-driven algorithm to help consumers select the best product for their needs, using a virtual CBD expert to guide them to the right delivery method, strength, and more.

Beta Release: 2021


BlackMar Farms is proudly planning to cultivate and harvest hemp here in New York State. Grown with organic and sustainable practices, BlackMar Farms will offer clean, pesticide-free CBD and CBG for researchers, white labeling opportunities, and more. 

Coming 2021


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All Innovations Under One Roof

We envision a future where all of Phoenix Nutraceutical’s innovations and breakthroughs are pursued in one corporate campus. The work to make this dream a reality is underway.

At Phoenix Nutraceutical, we are in the midst of establishing the first interstate hemp processor on the East Coast. Our state-of-the-art facility, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in Greene County, N.Y., prioritizes environmentally friendly CBD and CBG processing practices. Plans include the utilization of a closed-loop water system that retains 98% of the ethanol used and repurposes it for continued product development. The facility will also process hemp biomass at the rate of 110 pounds in eight hours. Our center also plans to host educational opportunities and training for both the local community and anyone interested in participating in the future of hemp. SPRING 2021

Educating our Communities

Hemp is the future, and we are here to invest in it. At Phoenix Nutraceutical, we are developing and implementing educational strategies and workforce development programs to bring our knowledge to our communities and prepare them for a career in this multi-billion dollar global industry.

Who is Phoenix Nutraceutical?

Founded by retired professional athletes, Phoenix Nutraceutical is led by individuals with a track record of successful entrepreneurship both inside and outside the hemp industry.

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