The leadership team at Phoenix Nutraceutical brings experience from the worlds of entrepreneurship, education, and tech to the growing hemp industry. Most importantly, our team brings passion for the hemp plant and its ability to heal the world through innovation, racial justice, and economic opportunity. Read through our leadership team’s bios below.

Ruben J Lindo, CEO

Ruben is the CEO of Phoenix Nutraceutical, Inc. A former college athlete and veteran entrepreneur, Ruben has been involved in launching several successful startup businesses in the tech industry. Most importantly, as a key player in the hemp and legal cannabis space, Ruben is a strong proponent for social equity and creating opportunities for success for those adversely affected by systemic racism. 

He is one of the recipients of California’s GoBiz Cannabis Education Grant, used to fund initiatives aimed at building an ethical and equitable cannabis industry, including people of color and other marginalized community members. Along with his business partner Dr. Norris Dorsey, Ruben authored the book “The War on Legal Cannabis, Just Say Yes,” which is a guide to understanding and working in the legal cannabis industry.  

Ruben earned his MBA in Finance and Management from the Leonard M. Stern School of Business at NYU and his undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Buffalo. Lindo is an active member of Athletes for Care, which unites athletes as one voice to advocate for research, education, and compassion when addressing important health issues. Ruben is extremely active in a community-based relations program with the New York State Police, Ulster County Sheriff’s Office, and City of Kingston Police Department, working together to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement. Ruben is also a member of the Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association and a board member of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation.


As Phoenix Nutraceutical’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Norris Dorsey works with the leadership team to help develop classes and educational opportunities for the next generation of entrepreneurs in the CBD and hemp industries. He is an expert in leadership development and education, with research focus on the study of minority leaders in nonprofit organizations and identifying success stories using the value leadership model. He has extensive expertise in organizational leadership which combines the art of leadership and the science of management with the aim of guiding an organization. 

Norris is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix, who also teaches at Los Angeles Mission College and Los Angeles Pierce College. He earned a B.S. degree in Management and an MBA and Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from the University of La Verne in Southern California. He is also the founder and CEO of Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs, a nonprofit organization that has educated more than 1,300 students around the world.

John Chenoweth, Vice President of Technology

John Chenoweth is an experienced computer manager with an extensive military background. John served his country in the U.S. Marine Corps for 20 years before transitioning into civilian life as an experienced computer and IT systems manager, with firsthand experience maintaining information management systems and structure for large organizations of more than 600 employees. He brings skills in operational planning, database management, and team building to Phoenix Nutraceuticals (not to mention his military aviation skills). John holds an M.B.A. focused in Information Technology from Auburn University.

Teresa Cavanagh, Vice President of Operations

Teresa Cavanagh brings more than 25 years of successful human resources and recruiting experience, as well as consulting and operations, to the Phoenix Nutraceutical team. Teresa has worked in the Information Technology (IT), law, healthcare, and accounting sectors, and brings that firsthand knowledge to this first of its kind endeavor.

Her background includes operations oversight, business development, talent recruitment, and employee management, with experience in business and change management. She also has extensive experience managing the request for proposals (RFP) procurement process for federal state, and local governments.


Nadine Cavallaro brings more than 15 years of successful customer service and executive assistant experience to Phoenix Nutraceutical.  Her background includes management and direction in the hospitality industry and early childhood education. Nadine provides oversight of customer service, manages retail operations and acts as project manager for all special Phoenix Nutraceutical ventures. She is the right hand of our CEO and is responsible for keeping our ship afloat.

Michelle Fields, Esq., Special Advisor, U.S. and International Markets (Regulatory Compliance/GMP)

Michelle Fields is a practicing attorney in New York State with litigation experience, specializing in criminal, business, immigration, contract law, and the cannabis industry. She is an adviser in the areas of regulatory compliance, cGMP/euGMP, sustainable development (SEED), business development, and licensing. 

Michelle is committed to social justice reform and global social equity in her professional endeavors. Her commitment to global activism and community engagement has led her to establish the first school library in Trelawney, Jamaica, facilitating the donation of hundreds of books to educate the community. She has also volunteered and donated to the Kliptown Community Center in Soweto, South Africa, and to the Ethembeni Children’s Home in Johannesburg, South Africa, which services children aged 0 to 3 affected by HIV/AIDS.

All Innovations Under One Roof

We envision a future where all of Phoenix Nutraceutical’s innovations and breakthroughs are pursued in one corporate campus. The work to make this dream a reality is underway.

At Phoenix Nutraceutical, we are in the midst of establishing the first interstate hemp processor on the East Coast. Our state-of-the-art facility, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in Greene County, N.Y., prioritizes environmentally friendly CBD and CBG processing practices. Plans include the utilization of a closed-loop water system that retains 98% of the ethanol used and repurposes it for continued product development. The facility will also process hemp biomass at the rate of 110 pounds in eight hours. Our center also plans to host educational opportunities and training for both the local community and anyone interested in participating in the future of hemp. ARRIVING 2021

Educating our Communities

Hemp is the future, and we are here to invest in it. At Phoenix Nutraceutical, we are developing and implementing educational strategies and workforce development programs to bring our knowledge to our communities and prepare them for a career in this multi-billion dollar global industry.

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