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By athletes, for everyone. Here at Blitz CBD, we live by that motto. As a company founded by a former pro athlete, we understand what you need for peak athletic performance: extra energy, proper rest, and deep sleep. That’s why all our products are enhanced with full spectrum hemp extract grown and extracted right here in the U.S., free of pesticides and chemicals that could negatively impact the quality of our products.

At Blitz CBD products, we take the tagline “fast-acting CBD” seriously. That’s why our products are formulated with full spectrum nano hemp, which breaks down the CBD into smaller particles. This makes it easier for your body to process, so you actually absorb more phytocannabinoids faster with each serving.

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Whether you’re a pro athlete, play a club sport on the weekends, or simply like to go on morning runs, CBD oil for athletes can help support your athletic lifestyle. Blitz CBD offers a full array of CBD athletic recovery products, each of which is designed to level up your game in a different way. Shop CBD muscle recovery topicals for on-site soothing for your legs, arms, glutes, and anywhere else in need of some TLC. Shop CBD gummies and CBD full spectrum capsules for easy, no-guess measuring of the right amount of CBD for you. Try CBD oral sprays, formulated for energy, sleep, or relaxation, for a quick way to consume CBD in the gym or on the field. Finally, try a classic CBD tincture, formulated with fast-acting nano hemp designed for improved absorption. Full spectrum not your thing? At Blitz CBD, we also offer an isolate option.

CBD and exercise: how does it work?

CBD and exercise touches several areas currently being studied by researchers around the globe. Here’s what we know so far:

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Performance Anxiety

If you’re nervous before a big game, CBD may play a role in helping you feel calmer and more focused. That’s because CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors throughout the brain which are believed to play a role in managing anxiety responses.


Many things can keep us awake, including a nervous mind or aches and pains. Because CBD may help with those circumstances, the result is improved sleep. CBD also influences hormone levels in your body that promote sleep, having an effect on your body’s natural sleep/wake cycle.


When you wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested, you have the proper energy stores to tackle your day, whether it’s a rest day or you’re going for a new personal record.

Muscle Recovery

When you’re feeling stressed and not quite 100%, CBD can help bring your body back into balance. That’s because this phytocannabinoid from hemp interacts with those same receptors in your endocannabinoid system, the system credited with keeping your body in balance. When your muscles feel out of whack after an intense workout, CBD can help restore that balance your body craves.

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