Blitz Athletic Recovery CBD

Support Your Inner Athlete

Why Choose Blitz CBD?

Thoughtfully formulated

Our products don’t just contain CBD. Our formulations are uniquely paired with complementary ingredients that help enhance and support CBD.

Enhanced with nanotechnology

The full spectrum hemp extract used in Blitz CBD products is broken down into smaller molecules, which helps improve absorption throughout your body.

Carefully-grown hemp

Our GMO-free hemp is grown without pesticides, right here in the United States.

A product for every preference

Whether you want a CBD oral spray that gets to work right away or a CBD capsule that stays in your bloodstream for hours, Blitz CBD carries the items you need to hit your goals.

By athletes, for everyone

Blitz CBD was founded by former college athlete Ruben Lindo, who knows just how much a toll being an athlete can take on our bodies. With that top of mind, Ruben set out to build a line of athletic recovery CBD products that target the localized and all-over discomfort that can come with rough and tumble activity.

Get To Know Blitz CBD Athletic Recovery Products

CBD Oral Sprays

Spray and go. Toss a convenient and discreet CBD oral spray into your gym bag. Available in Sleep, Relax, and Energy formulas — for every stage of your game.

CBD Gummies

No mess or guess. Pop a sweet gummy any time you want to take CBD. Available in 20mg and 50mg strengths, as well as various counts.

CBD Instant Freeze Rub

Cool down — literally. This post-workout rub pairs full spectrum hemp extract with cooling arnica and menthol. Feel great on contact, and for several hours after.

CBD Tinctures

A classic. Flavored with peppermint for an extra-tasty boost. Available in CBD isolate and Hydro full spectrum nano.

CBD Intensive Relief Rub

Melt away tension. In the Blitz Intensive Relief Rub, hemp extract is paired with hydrating aloe and avocado oil, plus cooling camphor and arnica. Enjoy any time your muscles need a break.

CBD Capsules

Short and simple. Each full spectrum hemp extract capsule is pre-measured for precise servings. Vegetarian capsules are friendly for most lifestyles.

What is CBD for Athletic Recovery All About?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is well-known for keeping your body in balance, including before and after you exert yourself during a workout, competitive match, or friendly pickup game. CBD can help support improved energy levels, better sleep, and muscle recovery, whether it’s your first 5K or your fifth marathon.

Blitz CBD Testimonials

This is a testimonial to the effectiveness of BLITZ Fast Acting CBD cream, 1,000mg.  My wife and I have been utilizing this therapy for aches and pains and can attest to it’s therapeutic magic!

Mike A.

Saugerties, NY

Big shout out to Blitz cream.  I woke up Thursday and thought I may be out. Right foot was KILLING me. Rubbed on some Blitz, walked 18.  Same thing Friday. Got my buddy using it as well. Awesome stuff.  He’s sold on it as well. Give this stuff a shot if you’re old, sore, beat up, walking 18 a day, whatever. Blitz. Phoenix Nutraceuticals. Good stuff.

Chip S.

Canton, MI

Blitz intense cream is amazing. I had a fall recently and used the product and instantly I felt it working and easing my pain.

Ray D.

Laurelton, NY

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